Love affair

So here I am by myself again, why did you have to go and do that to me?
I don`t dare show my face around. Once again they`ll all be laughing at me.
I was always the center of their jokes anyway.
But then, when i showed up with you, you should have seen their faces,
green -eyed they were.
From the first moment on I knew they were jealous,
but you were mine – all mine.

Yesterday my life became numb.
They took you out there to the car-dumb
Everything i owned I lost with you
I can`t stop myself from crying
i have to face it, no denying
A battered wreck is all that`s left of you.

I will never ever forget the first time we saw each other
It was love at first sight. Right away I knew – I got to have you,
no matter what. At the first he was against you, my old man, but then he
grudgingly supplied the cash. And at last, when you were standing in
front of me whit your super -broad tires and your pigskin- seats
– what a sight!
Remember the first time alone, just the two of us, out on the highway,
peeling the past that „Mercedes“ going at 130? Man, all he got to see of you
was your behind – that old „Mr. Benz“.

Yesterday my life became numb…….

I still don`t understand how all that could have happened.
We should have been able to clear that bend easely with 90.-
Well, maybe I shouldn`t have a drunk that pint of Jack Daniels,
but, really , no one`s drunk after a pint, is he?
Nothing, nothing at all would have happened if it hadn`t been for that damned tree.-
„More green in your city!“, the jerks!
Why don`t they plant their trees in the woods!!
Who would have cared if they had taken away my drivers- licence,
we could still be living together in concubinage:-
but to see you leave as scrap-metal, that really tears at my heart.

Yesterday my life became numb……..